Founder of Beachy Pal

“At Beachy Pal we love crafting nature’s finest elements that go into our holistic skincare and wellness products. We believe when we take care of the earth, the earth takes care of us.”

Michele Stepney, Creator & CEO

Michele’s curiosity for essential oils, botanicals, and herbs was encouraged in her household. Born to West Indian parents, Michele looked to the earth and created home remedies for her family and friends. She believed skin conditions like blemishes, dark spots, dryness, and stretch marks could be cured naturally. Her talent for creating healthy, organic skin products made her home business in the boroughs of New York extremely popular.

Shortly after college, Michele found herself divorced, unemployed, and a single mom. Since she could not afford to take her daughter to the dermatologist for severe scalp eczema, she was forced to revisit her first love. She combined some of her favorite herbs and natural oils with medicinal properties to heal her daughter. She realized her desire to heal her child and herself without using over-the-counter medications was a sentiment shared by many women. Compelled to help other women heal on the inside and outside, Michele created a diverse catalog of skin and wellness products. Beachy Pal now offers botanical teas, sea moss gel, facial cleansers, body creams, lip scrubs, moisturizers, and firming lotions.

We believe all women are naturally beautiful and natural beauty is beautiful.

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